Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saving money

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The Ultimate Adventure Destination "Nepal"

Nepal is a heady mixture of a fascinating land of ancient history, vibrant culture and people, bio-diversity and scenic grandeur.

Mountain region situated in the northern part of Nepal covering 35.2 per cent of land of the country and it's altitude ranging from 4,877 meters to 8,848 meters with the magnificent snow-capped peaks. likewise, the tropical jungles and fertile plains to the south from elevation of 60-100 meters above sea level.
It is a landlocked country between China and India.10 of the world's 14 highest mountains lie within the Nepal of 147181 so, it has been named that "Kingdom Of Mountains". Beside, that due to the geographical diversity, topography, landscape, climate, temperature, vegetation, animals, ecosystem etc. are also different.

 You can experience the most thrilling adventure to the exciting tour and explore the local lifestyle, local customs, vegetation, as well as you can enjoy every moments rafting/kayaking, mountain flight, Bungy Jumping, jungle safari, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Trekking Hiking, Rock Climbing, mountaineering, etc.

Cocktail Club in Home

Who are not fond of a free drinks a "cocktail" inside the Home. Get ready to rock the party and hit the floor because from today you are the bartender. Enjoy the every moment relaxing on the couch watching television and taking the pleasure of a cocktails you have made.

1. Blood and Sand                                                  
15 ml Scotch Whiskey
10 ml Brandy
5 ml Sweet Vermouth
60 ml Orange juice
Orange Slice for garnish

Pour all the ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice
Shake well
Strain into a Chiled cocktail glass
Garnish with an Orange slice

2. Hawaiian Colada
45 white rum
2 Tbsp cream of Coconut
60 ml pineapple Juice
1 Tbsp vanilla ice cream
5 cube of ice
Pineapple chunk for garnish

Pour all the ingredients into blend
Blend until smooth
Strain into a Collins glass
Garnish with a chunk of Pineapple or Maraschino Cherry

Private blog networks

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“Both sexes are equally important in household and earning purpose ”.

                 In this era, both sexes are equal although Women may involved in earning purpose, men are physically stronger than women, the quality of supremacy and intelligent remain in both men and women, therefore men must help women in household activities.

                Human being is superior to other creatures beacuse of its advanced mental power i.e. “intelligence”. If women are assisting to raise economy of house then, why men shouldn't help them? Are they machines? Which work for all day and even at night too. They are also made of flesh & bones and have heart for feelings.
                In one the, those families having support on the household activities by men seems active and full of enthusiasm. They can overcome every problems which comes ahead, likewise  families spriritual power will developed dramatically in high rate. In contrast, childrens from such a family are more intellectual and genuine than other one, hence they learn to assist in all kind of work as well.
                Furthermore, historically women worked more than men, however, since the introduction of sex equality act, women and men are treated equally. So, the custom “women must do all household task” has been out of ark. Co-operation plays a vital role to run a smooth relationship. After all, “home is only the place from where charity begins” and so again, the success is beyond our imagination.
                In conclusion, both sexes are equal in various aspects, such as in education, employment and politics. So essentially men should collaborate with women and help them in indeed as well. More or less, it will boost relationship and economic status and to some extent, women feels relief from their daily boring schedules.